Put Civilia’s expertise at work to address your different mobility challenges.

To optimize existing transport lines, establish new lines, optimize your whole network or specific services, Civilia’s with its transportation expertise and advanced technology tools analyses and recommends the most effective mobility scenario.

Whether you are looking at specific mandates, knowledge transfer or simply add expertise to your team, Civilia will meet your needs in terms of detailed network analysis and provide you with the appropriate recommendation.  This will improve your efficiency, your passenger satisfaction and allow you to validate the full potential of your mobility projects.

Here are different types of mandate that Civilia realizes in consulting mode:

Optimize current transport networks or lines by analysing traffic to improve network efficiency

Define new services from origin/destination data to optimize resource utilization and improve customer service

Analyse network performance tracking for on schedule service to measure quality of service and improve operational management and define improvements or corrective actions

Improve the performance of the service : identify bus priority measures to eliminate wasted time

Support technology choices for different types of services, ticketing or passenger information to identify the best solution to meet specific needs and objectives

With our predictive modelling, estimate traffic and use to better support decision making and improve mobility efficiency

Advanced analysis of network/lines impact by adding new terminals and exchange centers to optimise resource utilization and passenger experience

Identify origins/destination from data sources such as smart cards or cellular devices allowing a better understanding of displacements from different sources (bus, subway, car, bike, walk…) for better decision making