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Solutions for Smart Cities


Civilia brings a portofolio of practicle solutions to help cities improve the flow of mobility within their territory and relationship with their citizens. In addition, Civilia has designed customable solutions to support public works generating savings and operational efficiency.

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Solutions for Public Transit Authorities


Civilia brings extensive public transport knowledge coupled with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to bring particle solutions to the urban mobility challenge. The solutions can crunch an extensive amount of data with strong analytical tools allowing for predictable transport services, route optimization and communication in real time to transit users.

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Civilia is at the heart of the urban mobility transformation by provide practical and predictable solutions to cities and public transit authorities. The combination of mass transportation expertise with sound artificial intelligence capabilities allows for customable and affordable solutions.

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Management Team

Martin Choinière

CEO, Transport Engineer

Xavier Prudent

Chief Technology Officer

Ana Abecia

Transport economist